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This is the story of Permaculture at Millpost, and the trials and lessons of our time here.


Millpost is a family farm near Bungendore NSW with three generations now in residence and is one of the oldest broadscale Permaculture farms in Australia.

This little book is a record of Millpost's journey from 1979 to today, including plenty of lessons learned. There is no doubt that Permaculture has helped Millpost in many ways.

Hopefully this story will inspire others to think Permaculture, whatever the size of the farm.


This story is a rare gem of lineage, vision, planning, and humble persistance creating modest but enduring abundance while caring for a fragile but beautiful landscape.

David Holmgren - Permaculture co-originator.


"I can assure readers that the story you read in this book is also written into the earth."

Jason Alexandra, Farmer and Environmental Consultant

Millpost - a broadscale permaculture farm since 1979 - David Watson


    Millpost yarn is certified by Land to Market and the Responsible Wool standard. Head to the About Our Management page to read more.

    Yarn shipping within Australia is charged at a flat rate of $10.60 and patterns and books at $2.50. Shipping is FREE on all Australian orders over $100. They're sent by Australia Post standard tracked parcel post and should arrive within approximately 4 - 6 business days.

    International shipping is charged at $25 on all orders under $200. Shipping is FREE on all orders over $200.

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