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The Stone Axe Quarry at Millpost

In 2016 friend and Indigenous archeologist Dave Johnston came to Millpost for a look around, to see if he could identify any important first nation sites. We took him to one of our favourite spots at Millpost, a hilltop with wide views across the farm, to the northeast to Weereewa, south to the Tinderry and West to the Brindabellas. Here amongst the rocky outcrops Dave found a quarry, used for millenia by the Ngunawal/Ngambri people to make stone axe heads.

Since 2016 we have had the great honour of hosting local Elders and their families at Millpost to see the site and share our stories and histories.

In 2019 thanks to the hard work of Dave and also Roy Barker and Barinna South from OEH, the site was gazetted by the NSW government a protected Aboriginal Place. More then 100 guests including traditional owners, local graziers, friends and family joined us for the ceremony, a walk and tree planting at the site. 

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The Quarry

A film by Bottlebrush Media

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