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Orchids and spring wildflowers

Millpost is flourishing this spring, alive with birdcall, buzzing insects and the rustle of skinks and snakes in the grass. This weekend I had an encounter with a red belly black on the dam wall. We watched each other for a minute before it dove off the wall into the water, disappearing for a moment before I spotted its head bob up, racing off across towards the rushes on the other side.

The native country has had the biggest orchid and wildflower display I've seen here. This blog post is mostly just an opportunity to share some photos I've taken over the last few months of the spectacular flower display. Below are some I've had a chance to get a picture of, these ones are all Caladenias and Diuris.

And below are some more of the native wildflowers currently in abundance, including Dharaban, Bulbine Lilly and Creamy Candles. What a year!

Murray Watson - 11/11/20

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1 Comment

Linda Gresham
Linda Gresham
Mar 12, 2021

Thank you very much for the peek into your beautiful and beautifully diverse world. Your photographer and narrator (if not the same) are both artists with different medias.

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